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  • Songs of Dominik Argento

Songs of Dominik Argento

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LC2010 - 11/3/2023
© ℗ 2023 Lexicon Classics

Executive Producer: Gillian Riesen

Producer: Jonathan Estabrooks

Engineer: Sergey Parfenov

Mixing: Jonathan Estabrooks

Mastering: Bryan Lowe

Artwork: Cathering Wang

  • Ms. Manners on Music

    I. Prologue

    II. Manners at a Concert

    III. Manners at the Ballet

    IV. Manners for Contemporary Music

    V. Manners at a Church Recital

    VI. Manners at the Opera

    VII. Envoi

    Casa Guidi

    I. Casa Guidi
    II. The Italian Cook and the English Maid
    III. Robert Browning
    IV. The Death of Mr. Barrett
    V. Domesticity

    From the Diary of Virginia Woolf

    I. The Diary (April, 1919)
    II. Anxiety (October, 1920)
    III. Fancy (February, 1927)
    IV. Hardy's Funeral (January, 1928)
    V. Rome (May, 1935)
    VI. War (June, 1940)
    VII. Parents (December, 1940)
    VIII. Last Entry (March, 1941)

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