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LEXICON CLASSICS is a new independent classical music label that was built by artists, for artists. We embrace recordings that are unique, musicians that have something to say and projects that are truly collaborative. 

We believe that creating an album should be an exciting and invigorating part of an artists' career. At Lexicon Classics, we can facilitate every aspect of album creation including recording, artwork, distribution, digital promotion and more so that the artist can spend their valuable time on what matters most - the music.


Planning, recording, and releasing an album can be a daunting task. Beyond the artistic skills that form the foundation of any musical venture, an album requires months of extra-musical work leading up to its release. Lexicon Classics endeavors to make this process not only enjoyable, but actually inspiring for our artists. We are uniquely situated to help our artists in this way, because, beyond specializing in the usual roles of a record label (release, distribution, placement, etc.), we offer unparalleled services at every other step of the album production process. 

Through our relationship with our parent company, Emitha LLC, we can assist our artists with album concept, recording, mixing, mastering, producing, artwork, printing, pressing, and more. By creating all of the album’s components in-house, not only do we save valuable time and money, but we are also able to guarantee our artists the greatest degree of artistic control over their own projects, assisted by our expert guidance. This process guarantees results of the highest quality: albums that are meaningful reflections of our talented artists and the incredible work that they do.


A modern company needs a modern vision. This begins with learning from the past, embracing the present, and imagining what the future could hold. At Lexicon, we know that classical music audiences are growing, and they’re growing where most music lives: online, in the digital sphere. With our immensely popular playlists and effective marketing and promotion strategies, our artists benefit from our cultivated audience of over 100,000 active listeners. Our artists had over 4 millions streams in 2020 alone.


Though we love and passionately produce physical albums with beautiful artwork, liner notes, and packaging, we believe our job is to continue to welcome the advances in technology and distribution the modern world brings. We know that there is so much new music (and music yet to be made!) that needs a permanent home in the recording canon, and artists with diverse backgrounds and points of view whose voices must be heard and supported to move our field into the future. Lexicon fervently champions these efforts through the artists and projects with whom we partner.


Lexicon sets itself apart by its hands-on approach with its artists. Lexicon is a label for artists, by artists. We proudly dispense of all pretenses and power dynamics seen in other labels, and welcome all artists to engage with us with their whole, authentic selves. Collaboration, honesty and enthusiasm are ideals that we hold dear and infuse into every project we take on.


We believe in fostering deep relationships with our artists and nurturing a collaborative vision that allows us to capture the essence of an artist every step of the way.








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