Lament - Live from Brevard Music Center

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Sidney Outlaw, baritone

Warren Jones, piano



Released: 1/28/2022

Executive Producers: Gillian Riesen, Sidney Outlaw

Producer/Mixer: Jonathan Estabrooks

Artwork: Emitha LLC

Photography: David "Wavy" Anderson

Recorded: Brevard Music Center

  • 1. Winter moon 

    2. Genius Child 

    3. Kid in the Park 

    4. To be somebody 

    5. Troubled Woman 

    6. Strange Hurt 

    7. Prayer 

    8. Borderline 

    9. My people 

    10. Joy

    11. The Lynching 

    12. If We Must Die

    13. To the White Fiends

    14. Fourth of July Speech

    15. Worthwhile

    16. The Jungle Flower

    17. Among the Fuschias

    18. Till I Wake

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