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LC2311 - 11/10/2023

© ℗ 2023 Lexicon Classics

Executive Producers: Gillian Riesen, Sebastian Elizalde-Winikates, Maya Tylis, Frank Vitiello

Producer: Tucker Wheatley

Album Conductors: Luke McEndarfer, Dr. Pamela Blackstone

Vocal Producer: Jonathan Estabrooks

Co-Producers: Chelsea Morel, Kristen Simpson, Allan Laiño, Nicholas Nicassio

Mixing Engineer: Mat Bartram

Mastering Engineer: Alan Silverman

Artwork: Emitha LLC

The GRAMMY® Award-winning National Children’s Chorus, under the leadership of Artistic Director Luke McEndarfer and Associate Artistic Director Dr. Pamela Blackstone, has quickly become one of the world’s leading children’s choirs. Among the most exciting and fastest-growing music institutions for youth in the nation, the chorus provides its unparalleled training to more than 1,000 students, based in the chapter cities of Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Boston and Chicago. The NCC’s groundbreaking Season 2022/23, entitled Resounding Voices, focused on the impact of the chorus’ artistry, featuring an array of stunning repertoire that demonstrates the organization’s firm commitment to new music, world culture, and extraordinary collaborations. Repertoire from the season was then taken on tour and recorded by the choir at Abbey Road Studios and AIR Studios in London for this culminating album, representing traditions around the world during the holiday season. 

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