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Jennifer Bellor

Tasos Peltekis

Olivia Yokers

Norman Espinoza

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LC2405 - 8/16/2024

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Executive Producer: Gillian Riesen

Producer: Jennifer Bellor

Recording/Mixing Engineer: Ron George

Mastering: Gil Kaupp

Artwork design: Gillian Riesen, Emitha Studios


1. Song of Flight (3:33)

2. Interlude (1:21)

3. Mañana (3:16)

4. Interlude: Midday Reverie (1:42)

5. Mediodía (5:17)

6. Interlude: Post Meridian Epiphany (1:47)

7. Long These Days (3:55)

8. Tarde (4:16)

9. Interlude: Nightscape (1:27)  

10. Noche (5:34)

11. Interlude: Eyelids Close (2:17)

12. Echo (6:18)

13. Postlude: Resurgence (2:33)


Long These Days is an art song concept album composed by Jennifer Bellor, featuring soprano Olivia Yokers, bass Norman Espinoza, electric guitarist Tasos Peltekis, and Bellor, herself, on piano.

This album embarks on a journey from the tender hues of dawn to the velvety depths of night, weaving a tapestry of emotion and introspection. Drawing inspiration from the timeless verses of Christina Rossetti and Pablo Neruda, the songs explore themes of love, empowerment, nostalgia, and longing with unparalleled depth and sincerity.

Throughout the album, instrumental interludes, skillfully crafted by Bellor on piano and Peltekis on electric guitar, serve as poignant bridges between the vocal narratives performed by Yokers and Espinoza. From the tender awakening of 'Dawn' to the wistful reverie of 'Eyelids Close', each interlude enriches the album's thematic depth.

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