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Jennifer Bellor is hailed by Textura as a "that rare composer whose music manages to be instantly listenable and emotionally resonant without any compromise to its sophistication."  Her compositional style, marked by a fusion of influences drawn from imagery, literature, and personal experiences, showcases a melodic richness underscored by jazz and pop-infused harmonies. Her music has been presented widely throughout the U.S. and abroad and has three acclaimed albums to her name. Her debut album Stay (2016), a melting pot of different music styles largely based on poetry, features instrumental and vocal chamber music with jazz and classical musicians. Reflections at Dusk (Innova Recordings, 2019), showcases instrumental music inspired by the Nevada sunsets and her third album, Oneira, features the percussion quartet, Clocks in Motion (Aerocade Music, 2022). In anticipation of her forthcoming album, Long These Days, Bellor continues to push artistic boundaries. Collaborating with soprano Olivia Yokers, bass singer Norman Espinoza, and electric guitarist Tasos Peltekis, the album promises a captivating journey from dawn to night. Inspired by the timeless poetry of Christina Rossetti and Pablo Neruda, the album's thematic depth is enriched by instrumental interludes crafted by Bellor on piano and Peltekis' improvisations on electric guitar. Bellor holds degrees from Eastman School of Music (PhD), Syracuse University (MM), and Cornell University (BA) and serves as Assistant Professor of Music Composition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


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