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Paul Moravec, composer

Mark Campbell, librettist

Kent Tritle, conductor

Oratorio Society of New York

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LC2402 - 4/26/2024

© ℗ 2024 Lexicon Classics.  All rights reserved.

Executive Producer: Gillian Riesen

Producers: Robert Conley, Richard Pace

Production and Engineering: Adam Abeshoue

Mixing, Mastering, Editing: Adam Abeshouse

Artwork design: Gillian Riesen, Emitha Studios

All images courtesy of Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.


1. Caltagirone/We Are Here (7:38) 

Martin Bakari, OSNY Chorus


2. Tralee (3:50)        

Steven Eddy


3. Inspection 1 (0:53)        

Male Sextet


4. Przemyśl (3:22)        

Raehann Bryce-Davis, Joseph Beutel


5. I Carry (1:46)        

OSNY Chorus


6. Inspection 2/Zagreb (3:20)        

Maeve Höglund, Male Sextet


7. The Strange New Land (3:04)        

Martin Bakari, Steven Eddy, Joseph Beutel


8. Move Along (2:36)        

All Soloists, Chorus, Male Sextet


9. Proskurov (5:05)        

Susanna Phillips


10. Interview 1 (1:06)          

Male Sextet

11. Kvarnberg (2:41)          

Susanna Phillips, Maeve Höglund, Raehan Bryce-Davis


12. Interview 2 (3:03)          

Male Sextet, OSNY Chorus


13. Detainment (2:12)          

Susanna Phillips, Maeve Höglund, Martin Bakari, Steven Eddy, Joseph Beutel


14. Trabzon/Madrid - Prayer (10:43)          

Steven Eddy, Raehann Bryce-Davis, Maeve Hoglund, Susanna Phillips


15. And So It Is Done/This Strange New Land (10:56)

All Soloists, OSNY Chorus


A Nation of Others, by composer Paul Moravec and librettist Mark Campbell, commissioned by the Oratorio Society of New York, is the third in a series of American historical oratorios, described by the composer as “dramatic choral-orchestral works based on the lives and written records of ordinary individuals involved in extraordinary circumstances.” This project follows the success of the team’s first collaboration, Sanctuary Road, which was also commissioned and premiered by OSNY. Based on the writings of William Still, a conductor on the Underground Railroad, Sanctuary Road premiered at Carnegie Hall in 2018, received a 2021 Grammy® nomination for Best Choral Performance, and has secured a place in the repertoire as both an oratorio and opera. A Nation of Others, set on a single day in 1921 at Ellis Island, was premiered at Carnegie Hall in 2022 after two seasons of pandemic-related delays. A third work by this creative team, All Shall Rise, which explores the history of voting rights in the U.S., will premiere at Carnegie Hall in 2025. These commissions have been made possible through the generous support of Joanne Spellun and Denise Sobel. This album is dedicated to the memory of our longtime colleague, leader, and friend, Richard Pace, who graciously served the organization for over 40 years.


Susanna Phillips, soprano
Maeve Höglund, soprano
Raehann Bryce-Davis, mezzo-soprano
Martin Bakari, tenor
Steven Eddy, baritone
Joseph Beutel, bass-baritone

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